Alex Perea

Software Developer

Systems engineer, passionate by web development, software development and any subject related with technology and design. I enjoy of new challenges, have a team work collaborative spirit and a great sense of responsibility. I'm an autodidact by nature who enjoys learning new things and someone who always does its job with the better disposition and focus to achieve the necessary goals.

My philosophy

I think that whatever you do, if you are willing to devote your life to it, it must be something that you're passionate about it, something that inspires you to wake up each day to give everything from yourself. To me software development, in any of its forms is one of those great passions. It is the ultimate artistic expression, where you have the chance to create something incredible, with more than using your own wits and get to thousands or millions of persons in a positive way with your creation. It is something that challenges you in ways that you never imagined, it gives you difficult times and it tests you as a person, to figure out if you are one of those who duck his head and gives up or if you continue till the end, overcoming adversity. In a certain way it is a metaphor of life it self.

I've always had a special appreciation for design, the esthetic, and I like to think of software as something aesthetic, as an art that should keep symmetry and congruence, and complement it self with a fitted design up to its capacities, combining those both is what can result in simply, a perfect product.

However to achieve such kind of perfection, it's necessary the support of other persons. I'm one of those who thinks that alone, by yourself, you can go quicker, but in company you can go further. Teamwork is essential to achieve the greatest goals and objectives, to overcome the major challenges.

We live in an era where it never had been easiest to communicate with people around the globe, and to collaborate with each other. This website is the culmination of all that thinking, I´d never have overcome much of the challenges that I've faced in the development world, without the collaboration from people around the globe sharing its knowledge. This is my way to give the favor back and hopefully to be able to help others, to overcome an issue or to learn something new and at the same time, for me to learn something new as well.


  1. 01


    Working with it since php version 4, applying MVC patterns and working with frameworks such as laravel and codeigniter.

  2. 02


    Design and administration of MySQL databases and servers.

  3. 03

    Javascript / jQuery

    Backend and frontend implementations, AJAX, DOM manipulation and plugin creation and adaptation.

  4. 04


    Repositories creation and administration, through bitbucket, github or independent servers.

  5. 05


    Sockets black magic! through different frameworks.

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