Upload a file showing a progressbar in PHP

In this guide, we'll go step by step on building a script to upload a file in php, using the session upload method, that will show us the completed percentage of the upload while the file is uploading to the server.

You can try the result in the following file input, just make sure to upload a big file so you can see the progress bar in action but no larger than 150 Mb which is the server limit, otherwise the script won't work


Apache PHP Virtualhosts, locally and remote (on server)

Virtualhosts are used to configure an URL or domain to be replied by our server, the virtualhost points the domain to a location in our server, then the server handles the response based on the files placed on that location. For example if in our location there is an index.php file, by default apache will load this file when visiting the domain configured in the virtualhost through the web browser.


How to install XAMPP on Ubuntu (16.04+)

What is XAMPP?

As described in the xampp official website, XAMPP is an easy to install Apache distribution containing MariaDB, PHP. It basically sets up an apache server to run php scripts or applications on it, plus a MariaDB database (which is the updated form of MySQL databases). It comes all in a single installer with a bunch of extra tools and extensions already pre configured. In this guide we'll go step by step on the process of downloading and installing xampp and how to use it.


How to install LAMP on Ubuntu (16.04+)

What is LAMP ?

Lamp stands for linux, apache, MySql and PHP. When we talk about installing LAMP, we're referring to install this group of software over a linux environment, which is typically used to host websites or applications that use PHP such as Wordpress, Drupal, or the Laravel framework. In this guide we'll be installing and configuring each of these components one by one to achieve what is called a LAMP stack.